Why Taking Holiday Is Good For Your Career

So, you’re at that point in your life when you’re trying to impress your boss in order to get that promotion or pay rise. You avoid taking annual leave for fear of it reflecting badly on you or because you’re worried about the dreaded workload that will be on your desk when you get back. Sound familiar?  You may think that you’re benefitting your career by doing this, but it can be damaging for several reasons if you don’t allow yourself a break from work from time to time.

In fact, holiday is actually GOOD for your career for the following reasons:

#1: Productivity

Did you know that the quality of your work can be affected if you aren’t as focused in the workplace? When you refuse to take leave and insist on working late day after day, you might think you are getting more work done, but in actual fact, you will struggle to maintain the same level of work produced in those additional hours.

Take some time off, let your mind and body regenerate and you may come back functioning better than ever.

#2: Health

People in the workplace are under more pressure than ever and the risk of stress is on the rise in the current working environment. There are so many negative implications that can develop, both mentally and physically from not allowing yourself time off. It’s important for your long-term wellbeing that you allow your mind to rest – it’s not worth compromising your health for your role.  Don’t work late every night and take a long weekend once in a while!

#3: Quality time to do the things you enjoy doing

We all have hobbies or activities that we just don’t get to do enough of, or friends and family who we only see once in a blue moon. “We should see each other again soon!”, you say, cue weeks of the two of you trying to operate your work schedules around one another’s. Or, you might be somebody who works long hours and misses out on fun, important social events.

There is nothing wrong with taking a half day or two to fit in seeing the people you like spending time with. This can really help you unwind and improve your mood if you’re suffering with a stressful period at work. Nothing at work is so important that a colleague can’t take it over for a day or two.

#4: Work-life balance

Last of all, and contrary to popular belief, you are supposed to ENJOY work; you aren’t meant to loathe getting up every single morning. It’s all too easy for negative feelings to build up, besides, who wants to be waking up at 6am every morning and dragging themselves into the City? Treat yourself to some ‘you’ time! Let yourself enjoy the simple things in life. Wind down, relax and do nothing for an evening or weekend. Research shows that being idle and letting your brain switch off, helps regenerate your mind and body, and aid productivity and creativity.

And remember, your holiday is there to be taken. That’s why it’s called “holiday entitlement” – because you’re entitled to it. There’s no-one else to take it for you so book it now – you deserve it!