LinkedIn Stories for Professional Services Marketing

LinkedIn stories has been launched worldwide this month and whilst we can’t say it was something everyone had been desperately waiting for, we are very curious to see how it will be used in our networks. It seems LinkedIn have tried to bring an aspect of Instagram with the new feature, marketing it as a way to share a “Morning Routine / Favourite Book / Desk View / Moment”. But how does this fit in with the corporate messaging that many professional services firms try to maintain?

Perhaps for many firms this could be chance to keep their main feed professional, whilst still showing a personal touch for talent attraction and employee engagement.  Some of the main content, we’ve seen this week, across our network includes:

  • Events and Webinars Marketing – This has probably been one of the biggest uses of the function so far. And it’s a good way to keep driving interest for an event without spamming your main feed.
  • Sector Updates and Insights – Again a common use, but it is leading to a lot of static imagery on the stories. However, some interesting approaches to this have been including industry podcast snippets and incorporating animation.
  • Employee Engagement Stories – ‘Tag us in your own story and we will reshare’ style posts, which can be a great way to keep employees connected whilst working from home and also takes the burden off the marketing team.
  • ‘Day in the Life’ Stories – Yes, some firms have been very quick to react and have already had employees taking over their LI stories for the day! This can certainly be effective for talent attraction.

There’s a lot that can be done with the feature but there are still a few drawbacks. However, this is the first launch and we can only hope that LinkedIn take on user feedback in the future. The potential issues that are evident right now, include:

  • Only viewable on the LI app – Since working from home became so prominent, many people have opted to primarily using their desktop for LinkedIn. If there were to be an option to view stories on the web version (similar to how Facebook has set this feature up), I imagine firms could see high engagement!
  • Only viewable for 24 hours – Although this is the point, in our experience, content isn’t always viewed on LinkedIn as fast as it is on other social media platforms. Sometimes posts can take a few days to really build an audience. And without the option to highlight archived stories anywhere (similar to Instagram), valuable content could be lost.

That being said, we are certainly interested to see how our clients start to incorporate stories into their comms and would love to hear what other professional services marketers are thinking! Do you plan on using the feature for your organisation or personally? Do take part in our poll on LinkedIn, here!