Fitting In A Lunchtime Workout – Can It Actually Be Done?

We all know that working out can have a huge beneficial impact on our lives – from keeping up your fitness levels, lifting your mood, boosting your energy and helping you sleep better.

But you work, a lot. You’re tired, a lot. You don’t physically have the time to get out and exercise. You want to get home and spend quality time with your family and friends that you don’t get to see in the working day.

You sneer at your colleague who rambles on throughout the day about their morning run to work, the adrenaline and dripping in sweat and you think, ‘ew, how do they do that? Am I right?

Now what if I told you that you are lying to yourself?

The truth

Exercising is not all about running through the crowded streets of the City with a backpack bigger than Mount Everest. You don’t have to be that person on the train with a red face and shiny forehead, or that person with the folded-up bike cramped between their legs. For some people it is, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

It’s rather about enjoying yourself and making you feel better – feeling that rush of endorphins that turns your mood and day around entirely.

As one of those people who is not at home for over 12 hours of the day and is constantly tired, I personally have had this never-ending debate about working out ever since I started working in London. I’ve signed up to this and that gym, tried this and that diet, hopelessly looking for ways to improve my health but failing. It just seems impossible to sustain.

But I’ve finally found a solution that is simple, easy and quick: exercising during my lunch hour.

How to change

A whole hour is more than enough to fit in a regular routine – follow the below simple steps:

1.    Find a gym – if you work in the City there is always a gym within a 5-10-minute radius.

2.    Sign up – not an obligatory step, but knowing you’re paying for a service keeps you motivated to keep going.

3.    Go – take an induction with a trainer (that’s what they’re for!), assess the equipment – is it what you need from a workout?

4.    Keep it regular – set yourself a target as to how many times a week you want to go but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make a session or have to change a day. As long as you’re going regularly, that’s what matters.

5.    Keep to a time limit – I limit my workouts to 30 minutes on a selected machine. Doesn’t seem like a long time? That’s 2 ½ hours of exercise a week.

6.    Shower – take a 5-minute shower to freshen up.

7.    Get back to work – simple. And my all-round journey to & from is only 10 minutes.

8.    Done – there it is – 45-minutes in total, still allowing you free time to have a quick lunch.

The benefits of exercising are endless, so just keep your exercising simple. Find yourself a routine that you enjoy, whether it be hitting the gym for a short session like I do or going for a jog around the block.  And that’s the key – enjoy it and have fun with it!!