How to use this extended period of uncertainty positively for your career

These are unprecedented times, and never have we faced such challenging circumstances.  There are a million videos and articles about staying mentally well and physically healthy during this time, but what people can do to use this time in a positive way to help their career or boost their skillset.  It’s a time of uncertainty, and many will be concerned about job security, so aside from working up your CV and connecting with recruiters, here are a few things you can proactively do to put yourself in the best position when we’re out of lockdown:

  • Dust off your last appraisal and revisit the action points – have you managed to achieve any of the goals set? If you have, well done you!  This is a real positive, amongst all the negative news!  If you haven’t, is there anything you could do right now?  Or perhaps even just use the time to put a plan together to put into place when you go back to the office to make sure you use the next six months to hit those goals.
  • Are there any online courses you could take to brush up your skills? Perhaps you’ve always been interested in doing more digital marketing but never have the time.  Or perhaps you’d like to attend a college course but never seem to have the time to go online and find the right course or venue. Most colleges/adult education centres are enrolling now for September, so using this time working from home could be an ideal time to work towards starting something new in September.
  • Perhaps you’d like to learn a language? There are some great apps and online tools to do this – maybe 2/3 of your friends could do it with you and it could be a great way to learn together and keep in touch.  It could also come in handy when you’re dealing with someone in one of your international offices!
  • Or perhaps, to get a better work life balance you’ve been wanting to start a new gym routine or hobby. Again, pretty much everything from learning to play an instrument to knitting to every work out under the sun is online at the moment, so it could be a great time to get started.

It takes two months to form a habit, so you could have enough time to make it a habit to spend 2-3 hours a week on your personal or professional development and sustain that once more of a normal working routine is re-established!

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